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November 17 2013


Sexy Prom Dresses

2014 prom dresses - Schools could be making restrictive policies about appropriate dress codes for prom gowns, however that doesn't stop teenage girls (in addition to their dates) from wanting sexy prom dresses for their proms. Schools may ban low-backed dresses, cutout midriffs and thigh-high slits, however these are the forms of trendy, red-carpet styles that high school prom-goers want to show up in inside their dream proms. Along with what they may be watching in the media and studying in vogue magazines.

Events to Emulate

2014 prom dresses - Girls see the fabulous costumes on shows such as "Dancing using the Stars" and also on celebrities at red-carpet events and wish to wear the same spectacular style. Celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce push the envelope for style and wow and hang a fresh bar for beauty which is irresistible to teenagers and anathema to high school administrations. It's teenagers versus adults in terms of sexy prom dresses.

As the trend toward outrageously revealing dresses comes from Hollywood as well as the glossy pages of favor magazines, school dress code trends come directly from administrators, parent/teacher organizations and college boards. Schools are issuing elaborate guidelines, including multi-page documents, posters in college hallways illustrating acceptable and unacceptable styles as well as bans on casual boys' attire such as shoes and saggy pants. Some schools are turning to signed contracts with prom-goers so there aren't any sexy surprises on the big dance.

Think about Retailers?

Retailers have a lot of affect on dress trends and dreams making use of their offerings and displays. While some retailers offer more affordable formal prom dresses, most bow for the most widely used styles on runways and Hollywood red-carpet events. Teenagers in a few areas have issues finding not revealing dresses with sexy slits, low backs and sheer fabrics.

What is "In" Besides Bringing Sexy Back?

While sexy style will always attract teens, there are plenty of other attractive trends for prom dresses. Boom Babies retail employees say teen girls wish to imitate celebrities' flashy dress styles. Syracuse shops Spy Baby and Off the Rack owner Marie Adornato says the 2011 prom dress colors happen to be beige, silver, and white, in addition to bright solids, with fabric details such as beading, prints and textures. Girls can have flashy style without revealing too much with dresses that come with beads, rhinestones and ruffles.

Up to parents and college administrations keep proms conservative and under control, teens their very own ideas by what they wish to wear for prom. They are affected by media and celebrity, with flash and glamour, which can be difficult to tone down for prom night. Published dress codes, illustrated posters, contracts and chaperones have their own work remove for them in terms of sexy prom dresses and enforcing prom attire.

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